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Warehouse Revamp Delivers Ultimate Savings

Ultimately we sought to significantly reduce energy costs. By appointing Aurora we have definitely managed to do this within our warehouse,”
Sean Hounslow at Prime Light Electrical


United Kingdom

Prime Light Electrical

A snapshot

Prime Light Electrical, a distributor of high quality electrical components to the lighting Industry and other related markets for over 25 years, invited Aurora Lighting to upgrade its warehouse lighting. Their aim was to significantly reduce energy costs as well as improve visual appearance and visibility.

The Project

To ensure that all client objectives were met, a lighting design was undertaken with products selected from Aurora's catalogue.

In the warehouse there is a mezzanine level where high powered lighting had previously been used, so, as maximum energy savings were highly desirable, Aurora specified more suitable lighting with a much reduced energy consumption and then proposed sensors, ensuring the lights were only on when the aisle was in use, increasing energy savings further. Prime Light Electrical agreed to the product proposal and lighting design and were pleased to learn that their costs would be greatly reduced.

The Aurora products used were the BatPac™Pro linear, which provides over 40% energy savings compared to traditional fluorescents, and Ariah™Pro high bay, which produces a market leading 150lm/W that can now replace a traditional 400W industrial fixture.



The visible difference between the previous and new lighting was vast. The warehouse felt brighter, cleaner and fresh in appearance and Prime Light Electrical was extremely impressed with the outcome.

The sensors in the AriahPROHighSense were extremely useful as some areas were not being used very often; the client could see the immediate savings they would achieve. In addition to savings on energy costs, Prime Light Electrical was pleased to learn that the installation of the BatPacPRO and AriahPRO will also reduce maintenance costs, as the high ceiling of the warehouse previously required a cherry picker for the upkeep.

“Our warehouse now looks more vibrant than we had expected. The Enlite lighting has certainly made an impact and we are pleased with the costs we’re going to be saving. Aurora’s service was second to none and we will be keeping them in mind for any future lighting project,” says Sean Hounslow at Prime Light Electrical.