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Key Differences between
AOne Zigbee & AOne Bluetooth
FAQ’sAOne ZigbeeAOne Bluetooth
Product Range Please check the range available in your country.
Do I need a smart Hub? Smart Hub is required (Aurora AU-HZB5A, Smartthings Hub, Amazon Echoplus) No hub required
Do I need an internet connection? Requires Internet connection Does not require internet connection
Can I control devices when I am away from home? Control from anywhere, as the hub is connected to the internet router Control devices whilst at home - system is not connected to the internet and will only control devices in range of your phone or remote.
Can I use a Voice to control my lights? Voice control compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant - Direct integration (without our hub) with Echo Plus Voice control not yet available
Can I connect other manufacturers' smart devices to the system? Interoperable, so can work with other third party smart devices, through SmartThings and Amazon Echoplus. Aurora Hub is dedicated to lighting and lighting triggers (sensors/switches) Proprietary - so wont work with other smart devices that are not AOne Bluetooth branded
What wall switch options are available? 2Wire dimmer module, Kinetic switch (directly), Battery Dimmer, Remote Controller Connect.control Remote Controller, round remote, Kinetic switch (with the bridge module)
Schedule Accuracy Schedules are controlled by the hub Schedules are stored in the devices. If switched off at the mains, schedules will then need to be re-synced to the correct time with the app (opening the App)
How do the devices talk to each other? All products mesh back to the hub using Zigbee 3.0 protocol Devices mesh using Bluetooth 4.2 Mesh, your phone or remote uses the closest node to you to coordinate any messages. There is no hub so the devices rely on the mesh to perform an action, so if you can see the device you will likely be able to control it, however, devices in other areas might not mesh together so you may not be able to control devices in other areas.
Is there much set up involved? Manually pairing all devices including the hub means some setup is involved connect.control devices require no setup, works straight out of the box - other Bluetooth devices will require pairing to the app.
What is the distance performance like? Line of sight performance can reach 50m, distances indoors will vary but the more devices in your home means there is more chance that everything will mesh Line of sight performance can reach 50m, distances indoors will vary but the more devices in your home means there is more chance that everything will mesh
How do I carry out any OTA (over-the-air) software update? The hub automatically does this for you if there are any software updates needed The App will notify you how to carry out an OTA manually using the App.

Which system should I choose?
AOne ZigbeeAOne Bluetooth
Summary The AOne Zigbee system would suit you better;
● If you like the idea of controlling your devices from anywhere
● You will also have access to all lights in your system
● You can see the benefit of adding other smart devices to your system in the future
● You plan to adopt a whole smart house which means the overall mesh will be strong so shouldn’t have dark patches
● You plan to use voice control
The AOne Bluetooth system would suit you better;
● If you are not looking for off premise control
● You aren’t worried about being able to control different parts of your system which might be out of range
● You don’t require other smart devices to incorporate into your system
● You are concerned about devices meshing back to the hub, thick walls, only plan to make a couple of areas smart which are not next to each other
● You don’t plan to use Voice control