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The Aurora Story (Part Two) - Developing the Lighting DNA for LED

09 February 2018

The Aurora Lighting Group is vertically integrated, enabling the delivery of unmatched reliability, brand credibility and seamless compatibility across all product lines. Aurora’s 100% in-house ideation, industrial design, R&D, manufacturing, engineering, testing and research means the company can bring new products to market quickly and effectively. As the company grew, Andrew focused on developing the technological aspects of LED lighting to ensure customers received affordable yet highly efficient, attractive solutions.

It’s a well-known fact that heat affects the performance of LED fittings. So as soon as Andrew Johnson realised this he began to seek a viable and economical solution, which led to the creation of Aurora’s lighting DNA - the interrelationship between light performance, optics, thermals and power, and later sensing and communications was added in 2016. These elements have a fundamental impact on LED lifetime, performance and data capturing capabilities.

Aurora combines all aspects of its Lighting DNA. Many technological innovations have been developed over the years, including ThermoTec™ technology, LEDChroic™ and EnFiniti™ optics.

Thermal management is a fundamental design component that removes heat from the LED chip providing longer life and consistent light output. Aurora developed and patented ThermoTec, which utilises a combination of highly efficient low temperature SMD LEDs that bonded directly to an aluminium heatsink and a thermoplastic insulation that was injected around the housing. The passive cooling effect of these combined technologies allows for the LED chips to perform at their optimum performance and the quality of light to last longer.

Optics focussed on designing and manufacturing the most effective technology delivering unparalleled lighting control in short-form factor for exceptional fixture compatibility. The patented design allows for controlled, even light distribution and mimics the halogen appearance with minimal glare and light loss. A singular point of focus eliminates overshadowing and contractors can choose from three beam angles to suit installation needs.

Light source, the most crucial component of any luminaire, made high efficiency and quality of light its primary focus. The most suitable chips are selected for each and every application to guarantee high performance, long life and reliability. Combining single point sources, highly efficient COB, accurate colour rendering, smooth dimming, low SDCM values and LM80 data, the light source propelled Aurora to the highest performance level in the industry.

A focus on achieving maximum reliability and lifetime with high voltage solutions led to Aurora eventually eliminating the external driver. This allows for the removal of the electrolytic capacitor, arguably the weakest component in any LED downlight, which was replaced with an advanced integrated circuit. This led to the Power element being added to the Lighting DNA framework.

As a manufacturer, Aurora has since developed award-winning, feature-rich product ranges set to increase market penetration and faster adoption of LED to enable many businesses and homes to benefit. Objectives have always been to maximise energy savings, offer LED products at a competitive price point, increase lifetime of all products and enhance aesthetics.

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