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Making Manufacturing Sustainable

We've achieved incredible savings for our newly sustainable manufacturing business. We thought going smart would prove tricky in an industrial setting, but it was extremely simple to install, set up and use..
General Manager at the Manufacturing Facility



A Manufacturer

A snapshot

An international industrial end user comprising manufacturing and warehouse/despatch buildings. A heavy energy user with an existing lighting system that is on 24hrs/day. A wide variety of fittings, technologies and power/lighting outputs throughout. Generally old and ineffective fluorescents and 400W metal halide high bays.

Lighting across multiple areas has been considered poor and uneven, posing Health and Safety risks to colleagues. A combination of high energy usage/costs through ageing fittings, along with long operational hours and areas of infrequent use makes for an excellent commercial business case that far surpasses the customer’s requirements.

The Project

The criteria to ensure this project was a success included the following:

  • Reduce lighting energy bills by >50%
  • Achieve an aggressive project RoI <2 years
  • Reduce operational maintenance costs over the warranty period
  • Improve operational efficiency by delivering a smart lighting solution with improved light quality, consistency and coverage across agreed areas

Aurora’s AOne™ was proposed and used in this project to achieve the client's criteria. It is a wireless lighting control system offering simple installation and commissioning. Mesh networking of connected luminaires and sensors enables easy grouping and configuration, with immediate and significant energy savings through daylight harvesting and occupancy-based control. This ensures the most efficient use of energy to provide the correct amount of autonomous light when and where it is needed. Almost 900 smart luminaires optimising energy savings based on how the building and colleagues operate. Making your buildings a key part of your business.


"This was a project that gave us the opportunity to help a client really reduce their energy costs and consumption. Introducing them to smart technology, we managed to demonstrate the ease at which it could installed as well as be managed by anyone in the company," says Wayne Corbitt, Business Development for Aurora Projects.