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Real User Comfort, Occupancy Sensing



Renewable Energy Provider

A snapshot

As part of the roll-out of a new office concept, our client wanted to optimise lighting levels, adjust the colour temperature, easily adapt the lighting according to activity and decrease energy consumption whilst minimising installation costs.

Aurora Projects tailors the AOne Bluetooth connected solution to allow for lighting control, customisation, quick commissioning and simple installation.

The Project

The criteria to ensure a successful project included the following:

  • Decrease energy consumption
  • Optimise lighting colour and level
  • Easily adapt lighting to suit activity
  • Minimise installation costs
  • Total site area: 1200m2 on 2 floors
  • 21 Bluetooth-enabled zones

By installing the AOne Bluetooth Smart Lighting allowed variable light intensity and colour temperature of each panel or group of panels via the Aurora.BLE app, wall switch or Bluetooth remote control within the office space.

Linear lighting within the circulation space is controlled via Bluetooth PIR Sensors, automatically ensuring there is light only when needed.

Installed over 160 AOne™ Bluetooth Smart Products: - 109 Bluetooth Colour Tuneable LED Panels - 40 Bluetooth Kinetic Wall Controllers - 8 Bluetooth DALI Controllers, plus 6 Bluetooth PIR Sensors Fitted 180m of Aurora Linear LED Lighting and 26 Aurora LED Downlights.

Based on customer concept requirements, Aurora Projects proposed a zone-by-zone Smart lighting implementation, e.g.:

Zones 1-3 - Office Areas Each equipped with:

  • Bluetooth Tuneable White Panels
  • Bluetooth Kinetic Wall Controllers
  • Bluetooth Receiver for Kinetic Wall Controllers

Zone 4 - High Traffic Area Equipped with:

  • Bluetooth DALI Controller
  • Bluetooth Kinetic Wall Controller
  • Bluetooth Receiver for Kinetic Wall Controller
  • Bluetooth PIR Sensor